East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell

Know ThySelf East West Bookshop is a resource center for conscious living, offering you a wide selection of books, products and programs representing spiritual traditions and new insights into mind, body and spirit from around the world.

Our Purpose- We are here to support your search for the joy, love and wisdom that are the essence of the true Self. We believe that global harmony begins with each of us – with our individual efforts to achieve and to share healing and harmony of mind, body and spirit. We strive to foster a spirit of cooperation, respect and community among all truthseekers, spiritual paths, and peoples.

Our Heritage- Know ThySelf - East West Bookshop is a nonprofit organization established by members of Ananda. Ananda is a worldwide family of communities, retreat centers, churches and meditation groups founded by Swami Kriyananda  (J. Donald Walters) and based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. We offer classes in meditation, yoga postures, the art of spiritual living and the science of raja yoga, and also have the Living Wisdom School for children and an intentional, spiritual community in the Seattle area.

East West Bookshop Staff Bios

Manager, Technology & Facilities Coordinator

I buy the used books here at East West Bookshop, help us create and maintain good systems in lots of areas and take care of anything that breaks. (editor's note.: We gave him a T-Shirt that says "This is the part where I save the day!") I enjoy helping people and there is lots of opportunity here! In my spare time you can usually find me in the garden. I also teach meditation.


Manager & Buyer

Hello, friends. My name is Bhima. I'm the buyer for music, DVDs, chimes, singing bowls, and various essential oils, however my interests encompass virtual everything we have to offer at East West. My greatest joy lies in community, in connecting with you all as friends. East West brings together so many people of different spiritualities and backgrounds, a patchwork quilt that gives off inspiring vibrations of warmth and good will to all. It is my ever-new pleasure to share in this experience day-to-day with you. Namaste.

Randa Hillal


Randa has been with us for over a year, and we feel blessed by her warm personality and artistic flair! Born and raised in Lebanon, she has a degree in Fine Art - and she is also an amazing gourmet chef who has been the powerhouse behind several of Anandaís gala International Dinner fundraisers.


Event Coordinator

Catalina serves as East West's event coordinator, and we have her to thank for bringing all of the wonderful, stimulating, and expansive events to East West Bookshop. When she's not booking great speakers and readers, she's enjoying nature, family and garden. Catalina believes that spiritual education can help us to become who were were born to be, and serves in this spirit.

Cindy Gottfried

Book Receiving & Webmaster

I order and receive the books for the store and developed our website and our CD listening station.

I also direct the choir at Ananda and am privileged to have a big percentage of East West staff in the choir. Before coming here I worked with Deaf people for 10 years and I enjoy communicating in ASL.

What I most appreciate about working here is the opportunity to explore and apply spiritual teachings of mindfulness and service together with other staff. I am very privileged to work with people who come from the highest and most selfless place and are a constant inspiration to me.

Lisa Warren



Lisa is the buyer for crystals at the store. Her warm-hearted friendliness is appreciated by customers and her co-workersÖand she is a great baker- we love to sample the results of her experiments!

Don Bould


I especially enjoy talking with customers in the store, hearing what they are interested in and helping them find the music that is just right for them... I also get a lot of ideas for new products from them!

My other passion is for natural healing alternatives and Iíve trained in both Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Essences.

Warner Wong

SHAE WINDSONG, Buyer & Social Media

I work at East West as a sales clerk and helping with whatever needs to be done. Iím also working on a project to help East West have more visibility in the community. East West offers me an environment to grow spiritually, and I love the people here, staff and customers. I am retired from my career job and now enjoy myself by working two jobs, one here and another part-time at Hawaiian Airlines. I am married and have one child and three grandchildren who call me Tutu, the Hawaiian word for Grandpa.

Urja Syrop

SUE STICKNEY, Customer Service

I am a volunteer at East West Bookshop and itís been a wonderful experience working with gentle, beautiful people. Iíve been learning new skills in computer work, customer service and serving wherever is needed. Iím a qualified dietician and in my free time I love to cook, write poetry and meet new people.

Jamuna Snitkin

DEVAKI SOUPIOUS, Customer Service, and Buyer

I was asked by Swami Kriyananda in 1981 to co-manage the original East West Bookstore in Menlo Park, CA, with my husband, Vasudeva. In 1996 my husband and I moved to Seattle where I joined the Ananda Sangha staff while Vasudeva continued as bookbuyer and co-manager with Susan. I teach Kriyanandaís Material Success Through Yoga Principles course, as well as other wisdom teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Iíve always enjoyed staying in contact with the store and I volunteer one day a week. I love meeting the customers and seeing all the wonderful new books that come in.