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Sealing of the Five Senses: Advanced Practices for Becoming a Taoist Immorta

Mantak Chia, $18.95

In this fascinating guide to ancient spiritual practices, Master Mantak Chia and William Wei reveal the nine inner alchemy formulas for the Sealing of the Five Senses practice, including ways to strengthen the senses and how to connect the senses to the organs. This illustrated guide to the final practice on the path to the Immortal Tao also provides remarkable and inspiring examples of World War II concentration camp survivors who generated energy by chewing water!


In the Company of Sages: The Journey of the Spiritual Seeker

Greg Bogart, $19.95

Along your spiritual path toward inner awakening and self-realization, a spiritual mentor can be a profound key to progress. However, the process of finding such a mentor, or guru, can be daunting. In this unique guide, Greg Bogart takes you by the hand and explains how to find an authentic spiritual guide, and establish a dynamic spiritual practice. Examining practices in Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, Sufism, and Jewish and Christian mysticism, he explores the deeper mystical aspects of the guru-student relationship, and describes the nine stages of the spiritual seeker’s journey.


The Science of the Rishis: The Spiritual and Material Discoveries of the Ancient Sages of India

Vanamali, Bhoomananda Tirtha, $19.95

In this fascinating work, Vanamali reveals how the core concepts of Hinduism relate to modern science, and how the scientific discoveries of the ancient rishis have been only recently rediscovered by modern science. She skillfully illuminates the scientific principles embedded within the classic stories and texts of India, including the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Puranas.


Your Yin Yang Body Type: The Korean Tradition of Sasang Medicine

Gary Wagman, $19.95

Optimize your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by learning which food, exercises, and herbs are best for your particular body type. According to Korean Sasang medicine, the Yin Yang energy balance of the body’s organs influence your emotional balance and overall health. By identifying your body type and applying this ancient oriental art, Dr. Wagman shows how you can greatly enhance your health and well-being on every level

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