East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Friday, February 6, 2015 at East West Seattle
cancelled—Danielle MacKinnon Combo
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Friday Night 7:30-9pm Soul Contracts: What is Holding Me Back From Love and Happiness?

Based on her new book, Intuitive and Coach Danielle MacKinnon helps you reveal the Soul Secrets holding you back from living your life brilliantly. Learn how Soul Contracts and Seed Thoughts are energies you created that can stop you from finding love, succeeding in your career, believing in yourself, feeling supported, opening your psychic senses and more. Many people have wonderful Aha moments just by learning about their Soul System! You may even recognize which energies have been unknowingly blocking your path and then release those energies through the live group clearing for all in attendance. Danielle will also dedicate a portion of the evening to random audience Soul Contract Readings through which she will help you understand and work with your own hidden energies at a deeper level.

Saturday Day 11am-3pm Revealing Soul Secrets: Experiencing Love, Money, Health, and Deep Contentment at All Times

Do you already KNOW that you should be speaking up, taking risks, opening to new opportunities and more - but something continues to stop you from successfully being able to do so? Do you feel blocked from finding love, becoming successful or having long-lasting, satisfying relationships? Have you ever wondered why, deep down, you don’t really feel that good about yourself? Have you ever thought that there might be more to how your life is progressing than sheer will and luck?

In this all-day workshop, based on her new book, Soul Contracts, Intuitive Danielle MacKinnon helps you understand how your soul carries certain hidden energies that influence how you think, feel, act, what you experience and even your relationships. Danielle not only teaches you how to identify those blocking energies, but she’ll also show you how to begin learning from them – and then releasing them!

You will learn clear and powerful techniques (such as Soul Level Clearing, and the Support Network Rewire), and you’ll get to experience a powerful Field Release that you can apply to your life afterwards to help you live your life brilliantly! This exciting workshop is designed to open your eyes to a new way of looking at yourself and who you really are. Let Danielle lead you to accept and experience the brilliance that exists within your Soul as you identify, understand, and overcome your deepest-rooted barriers, preparing for your personal expansion.

Website: http://www.daniellemackinnon.com

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