East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at East West Seattle
Bodhisattva Wisdom: Poems and Images
7-8:30 pm Free!

No pre-registration for free events - we'll just see you there!

Bodhisattva Wisdom, Poems and Images by DEBORAH “DEE” WILLIAMS

Poetry and photography capture moments in time or express ideas that help us reveal something about our true nature. Over 30 years of poetry are compiled into a volume that takes each reader on a journey that reflects daily life, nature and our relationships with each other. This event is a poetry reading and book signing that will include a mini art exhibition of DEE’S work and inspired dialog. Participants are encouraged to find a poem that speaks to their heart as DEE guides us on a journey into life in our modern world through the eyes of nature’s beauty from the Mid-West to California and the Pacific Northwest. The poems are about a journey and the poetic reflections are full of attitude and compassion.

DEBORAH “DEE” WILLIAMS is a technology geek, yoga teacher, poet and photographer. In addition to teaching yoga, DEE loves to write; in fact writing is one of her passions since childhood. DEE combines her talent as a writer and photographer by producing art that combines her poetry with her photographs. DEE has captured amazing photographs mainly of the natural environment and created inspiring poems. DEE’S new book Bodhisattva Wisdom uses an innovative approach to poetic performance and artistic expression while delivering heartfelt messages about modern life.

DEE’S poetry and photography are inspired by her yoga practice. DEE is the founder of Kanjin Yoga (www.kanjinyoga.com) and provides yoga and wellness education programs for individuals, businesses and organizations.

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