East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Saturday, November 8, 2014 at East West Seattle
Walking Between the Worlds The Art and Science of Shamanic Lucid Dreaming
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Are dreams real and alive or are they epiphenomena of the brain? Are we the active creators of our dreams or do we enter an alternative world when we sleep at night? This workshop will explore the techniques of shamanic lucid dreaming. In the world of Siberian classical shamanism one’s teachers and guides live in the invisible realms that are only accessible through dreams, dream tending and lucid dreaming.

With JAN VAN YSSLESTYNE we'll exploreall the current western scientific data on dreams/sleep from various universities and research institutes as well as explore the indigenous counterparts and beliefs of this sleep science. Topics to be covered in this workshop will include: sleep science and the sleep periods - are they the same for everybody? Sleep through an historical view eastern and western; the bedroom - the sacred sleep sanctuary; shamanic dream herbs-vitamins-supplements and foods that enhance dreams/lucid dreaming; purpose of the dream journal-mapping your shamanic dream territories; personal and collective realities in the invisible worlds. And connecting with your shamanic guides and helpers-deepening your personal practice the benefits of a dream group

Website: http://2pathfindercounseling.com/

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