East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Saturday, November 1, 2014 at East West Seattle
Day of the Dead Healing Workshop
3-6 pm $30 Register Now!

Register Now!

Whether it is Halloween, All Souls or All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead that you celebrate, this is the day that legend has it that the veils are thinnest between the worlds. This is a great day to make contact with the spirits, but instead of the spirits of others we will be making contact with your own Spirit, your True Nature.

East West Consultant and Healer DELIA YEAGERshares this very interactive workshop is designed to give you tools to experience of becoming more consciously aware of your own spiritual energy, using specific ancient techniques so you can establish conscious contact with your divine energies and helper beings. There is a lot of new energy coming through these days, and as the vibration raises, it all gets easier and less bumpy when you know how to grow with the flow.

This is a time of rebirth – shedding the old, sloughing off what no longer serves you, releasing what doesn’t belong to you, and filling in with more of your own Spirit energy.

Nothing feels as good in your space as your energy. Your energy sphere surrounding your physical body is calibrated specifically to your spiritual vibration. When YOUR energy occupies your space, when You (spirit) Occupy you (body-mind), all of you feels your true essence - joy! Everything is do-able, you can have and delight in everything you want, you can effortlessly turn down anything that is not in alignment with your highest good - and you know what is and what isn’t for you by whether it feels draining or energizing.

Join in this workshop where you get to experience some techniques that you can use at any time to help you release any energy that is not yours, and fill in more and more with your own bright, powerful and joyful vital spiritual energies.

Website: http://www.deliayeager.net

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