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* Ananda Class/Event *

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at East West Seattle
Meditations on the Yoga Sutras
7:30 - 8:30 pm

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: The Yogas Sutras of Patanjali are the clinical source text for the practice of meditation. Describing the unfoldment of consciousness during deeper states of awareness in meditation, the Yoga Sutras provide a variety of meditations that can help us go deeper into stillness. NAYASWAMI HRIMAN MCGILLOWAY has a lifetime of practice and sharing of meditation and has taught Ananda's popular Raja Yoga Intensive for over twenty years. In this evening workshop we will practice meditations focused on:

* Life Force (prana/chi)

* Expanding light

* Archetypes in nature

* The chakras

* Sound

* Mantra

* Breath

Website: http://www.anandawashington.org

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