East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Saturday, December 13, 2014 at East West Seattle
Combo Rob and Melissa
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Workshop description: Bhakti Immersion Workshop w/ Rob and Melissa Lundsgaard

Bhakti Yoga, commonly called the Yoga of Devotion, constitutes a valid form of yoga in its own right. But what exactly is Bhakti?

This workshop is for the practitioner who wishes to understand the deeper meaning and relevance of Bhakti Yoga, also known as the Way of Love. We will begin by exploring the different modes of Bhakti Yoga, including the various forms of devotion, through the traditional methods of satsang, storytelling, mythology and mantra. In addition, we will discuss practical examples of how to incorporate these methods into your own personal practice.

"There are three well-known paths leading to liberation:

The Yoga of Action (Karma Yoga), The Yoga of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga) and The Yoga of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga).”

-The Devi Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 2

Kirtan with Rob and Melissa Husband and wife, Rob & Melissa Lundsgaard, are two new and exciting voices in kirtan, the ancient tradition of devotional chanting. Melissa’s angelic voice is the perfect compliment to Rob’s earthy, singer-songwriter vocals, and together they combine chanting of ancient sanskrit mantra, uplifting songs and storytelling to create an accessible and inspiring atmosphere that invites both the uninitiated and the more experienced kirtan participants to feel welcome. Lift your voice and your spirits with this joy-filled celebration of the divine.

"Whenever I think of working with Rob & Melissa, I smile...they are true Bhakti Yogis leading with heart and soul. Their gift of kirtan will change you.

-JL Chiemingo, hauteyoga

Website: http://www.lundsgaardmusic.com

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