East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Sunday, January 18, 2015 at East West Seattle
Empath Toolkit
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We all have Empathy or the ability to identify or understand the feelings of another and many of us have tapped the capacity to go beyond Empathy to be an Empath. Empaths experience the feelings of others as though they are their own feelings and how that manifests can vary. Through that skill an Empath can bridge relationships, open emotional gates to be more clear and useful. And the Empath can by their very presence shift tension to relief, sadness to calm, anger to respect and more. The unaware or unmanaged Empath can be overwhelmed by these experiences unless they have a toolkit to assist them.

This session reviews the gifts and challenges of awakening the Empath. More importantly it provides 4 categories of working tools that will enable you to be more confident in managing your Empath capacities.The first category is recognizing the difference between your emotions and stress and otherís.The second is preparing yourself to work with otherís emotions through on-going self-care. Third is learning to release the emotional input and excess you pick up as an Empath. Fourth is learning to release responsibility of the emotions and energies that come your way.You will learn these skills and many more to enable you to use and enjoy your gifts as an Empath in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Website: http://www.managingdynamics.com

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