East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Friday, January 30, 2015 at East West Seattle
The Evolving Soul
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Check out a video interview with Linda Backman and CJ Liu

ow can our past lives help explain our life's purpose today? In order to know why you are here now you must understand your significant past lives. We live one life to the next for only one reason, to evolve as a soul. Your heightening soul experience is the only way our planet and Humanity can advance to operate with acceptance of all people.

Your past lives that have been successful, as well as the lives where you’ve fallen short, can be discovered through a variety of pathways. The life plan you have today is tied to cleaning up karma. As you resolve what has occurred in past embodiment- - life today takes on greater meaning, clarity, and evenness.

This presentation will include client examples of the discovery of significant past lives that explain and assist us to move forward through the trials of life today. Author of Your Evolving Soul, DR. LINDA BACKMAN will provide a “bird’s eye” view to understand how we uncover our life purpose, learn about soul’s we’ve known before, and release past life “pitfalls” as we enhance our individual and group soul evolution on this planet. With this discussion, participants will learn how regression clients gain a deeper understanding of the “after-life” through their own personal experience.

Website: http://www.ravenheartcenter.com

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