East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Saturday, February 14, 2015 at East West Seattle
Reprogramming Your Life Workshop
3-6 pm $75, Thursday evening Free! Register Now!

Register Now!

If you are the writer, director, producer and main actor of your own story, why are you not living the life you want? Who is writing your script? And how do you edit or change it? When you want to gain more tools for updating restrictive inner programming, when you are serious about transformation in all areas of your life, join personal growth author, retreat leader and specialist in core belief restructuring in a powerful and illuminating workshop that yield serious, practical results.

JULIE HUTSLAR is a voice of a new paradigm. New rules for a new world, she offers brilliant perceptions and practical tools that place you at command control of your own life. Trained in locating vibrations, or energies, she locates outdated beliefs held at a non-conscious level. She walks you through the control room of your own thinking, locating and reevaluating the programs you are running.

JULIE HUTSLAR is the author of several personal growth books, one being a companion guide to A Course in Miracles and seeing behind the curtain. Located in the Inland Northwest, she runs her own retreat center, Spirit Vision Retreat Center with workshops, personal growth programs.

Website: http://www.jrhutslar.com

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