East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Friday, February 20, 2015 at East West Seattle
Are These Feelings Really Mine?
7-8:30 pm $10 Register Now!

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What if I told you that 65-90% of what you experience as your feelings might not be yours. The energy fields of others may be affecting you more than you realize. Have you ever walked away from a conversation drained or anxious? Do you sometimes feel like a human sponge absorbing everything around you? Being highly sensitive or empathic is a wonderful asset, but absorbing this energy can be detrimental to your emotional and physical health. Using examples from the audience, learn the signs and symptoms of energy imbalances, along with how to apply practical techniques so you can experience increased energy and a sense of wellbeing.

As a massage therapist, DEWEY MEYER would get "energy sickness" from certain clients until she developed effective methods for clearing the unbalanced energy from herself, as well as others. For the past 15 years she has been educating and empowering people with the information they need restore their energy and create an environment where they can move forward with strength and clarity. Take home tools you can put to work immediately!

Website: http://www.deweymeyer.com

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