East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell
Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at East West Seattle
Bagua Secrets, Part 1: Attract the Relationships and Money You Desire
7-8:30 pm $15 Each or $25 for Both

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Presented by Piper Lauri Salogga and Michael Williams, Founders of Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors and the Living Sensual Institut. www.piperlaurisalogga.com www.livingsensual.com

Imagine greeting your mate, a heartfelt companion, the partner of your dreams, opening to each other’s embrace, support and sharing everyday. Imagine the flow of resources in dollars and material well-being, a wealth of beauty, nurturing and inspiration at your fingertips, coming to you with ease, in regular rhythm. Feng Shui is the ancient study and tradition of energetic flow in every area of our lives. In harmony with this natural energy in and all around you, you too can live the life you desire! Come learn basic tools to make a big difference.

Part I will focus on the mechanics, with takeaways to try at home.

Part II will go deeper into the practice to make manifestation magic.

PIPER LAURI SALOGGA In 1990, with an insatiable curiosity about Life and a desire for happiness, Piper began a twenty-four year quest to heal the broken parts of her past and fill her heart. She wanted to feel real joy in living. With continued work and study, her life revealed the blessings of personal power, love, and connection. She became addicted to understanding how her mind and body worked to protect themselves out of fear, but also how she could retrain them to do and be what she wanted. Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors, a sustainable feng shui design company, was founded in 1998 and has helped hundreds of residential and commercial clients across the Northwest achieve their visions for both personal and professional environments. For the last eight years, Piper has taught the Living Sensual Institute methodologies – a focused system of multi-cultural concepts and techniques for healing and manifestation – supporting individuals and groups to attract and achieve the goals they set for themselves around career and income, relationship, creative flow, personal health and peace of mind.

MICHAEL CONRAD WILLIAMS Has been drawn to understand universal truths throughout his life. In his youth, he focused primarily on Western science explanations, but has become more focused on and aware of the deep value in the lessons contained in World spiritual traditions. Through 24 years of meditation, qigong, and other ancient art practices and training, Michael has become aware of a deep calling to explore and open to his intuition, experiencing the magic that comes from living from the heart and saying “Yes” to life from this place. He is a grounded and effective teacher of the healing arts, balancing the male and female perspectives and sensibilities to his wisdom.

Website: http://piperlaurisalogga.com

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