East West Bookshop of Seattle and Bothell

Individual Sessions

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at East West Seattle
Peruvian Shamanic Healing Sessions
10:30 AM - 6:30 pm $90/Hr. $50/1/2 Hr.

Call East West Bookshop at 206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 to check available times and set up an appointment.

From Machu Picchu - Peru, Shaman Washington Gibaja Tapia he been gifted since childhood with healing abilities, clairvoyance and a sensitivity that helps him see into the body and soul on many levels. Washi has been trained by shamans from the Andes to reach a high level of skill and has integrated natural methods of hand healings to accelerate healing processes and remove pain and negative blocks in your life and future. Washis powerful technique moves people through life\\\\\\\'s phases, removing blocks at their root, shifting clients to higher energy frequencies, and bringing forward greater clarity and understanding.

In his private Healing Sessions, Shaman Washi assists clients to:

Use Palo Santo (Sacred wood) and connect with our spiritual masters in the Ceremony.

The Shaman will interpret your cochineal sacred prints to help you connect with the spirit guides that are important to your life and your future.

Remove stuck energies

Create a stronger alignment with purpose and divine self and understand your real mission.

Integrate physical, emotional and mental bodies

Learn tools for self-empowerment that was given by god and the universe.

Move forward in healing all types of ailments & imbalances using the energy of all energy centers on earth.

Connect to Source energy & raise vibration to hold more light in path for personal family pilgrimage.

He will play native Inca Instrument for your soul to dance.